Mostrando entradas de marzo, 2019


The aroma of early peaches
weaving into the air
remembrances of you
(happenstances of love)

At the windowpane,
a wistful cat: his eyes
reflecting the murmuration 
of starlings in the sky,
the gappy smile of a nipper
running along the street.

At eventide I rush out
to the poisoned breeze
of downtown and canalsides:
People hop on the buses
like cattle ready to be put down.
I jump abreast of the void 
of living in blindfolded bliss.

Then I reach to destiny, undestined,
betravelled in gloom. filthy rich
in daydreams and remembrances
of you...

thy beauty, in sooth, ground to halt
my feet tiptoeing into the abyss

...sitting on the stone ledge
in the portico of a church
like a beggar at sunset
I write sensual poems in dead leaves
falling from my mind
(happenstances of love)

A blackbird stayed along with me,
a waxing moon, the aroma
or early peaches in March.

Jo Ruiz